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About Maxine....

Hi everyone thanks so much for stopping by my website.

I fell in love with photography over twenty years ago now when I did a BTEC at college, back in the days when we still used film and a darkroom. Around ten years ago after being lucky enough to be a stay at home Mum with my two girls I picked up my camera again. My kids were an inspiration to me and I loved documenting them growing up, as most parents do. But I also remembered my passion for being behind a camera and so the business grew from there. Why Do You Realise Photography for a business name? Well I love music and if you do too you'll know how a certain song can change your world and that Flaming Lips song made so much sense to me, look it up! And yes you do have the most beautiful face!

I love what I do. To be part of your wedding day, to hang out with your family, to meet your newborn baby, it's all a privilege and I thank all of my clients from the bottom of my heart for that.

A few useless facts...

I love Harry Potter...

My head always thinks it's still the 90s...

The way to my heart is with tea and cake.....or cheese and wine

I never get tired of chatting about weddings and will happily wait until your little one is ready to have their photo taken. I'm very laid back and like to let the story of your photos unfold naturally so let's hang out soon! 

Contact me

Tel: 07791 575759

Email: doyourealisephotography@yahoo.co.uk